Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still waiting for Newton's herbicide information 3 1 2011

From Ellie Goldberg, ellie.goldberg@gmail.com, 617 965-9637
To Bob Rooney, rrooney@newtonma.gov

Dear Bob,

I am writing to ask if you received my January 25 email asking you to follow up on your promise to find out where and when herbicides were used by state contractors in Newton in 2010.  (Still waiting for 2010 Newton Herbicide reports 1 25 2011.

As you may know, Mayor Warren is going to be introducing speakers at the Green Decade Environmental Series event about protecting water resources on Monday, 2/28.   Many of the residents concerned about herbicide use on Newton's Rights of Way will be there.  It would be very timely to have the details of the 2010 herbicide applications.  (See PUBLIC NOTIFICATION: What do the regs say?)

For your information, I just posted a letter from the Boston Neighborhood Pesticide Action Committee to the MBTA and Massachusetts Department of Transportation asking for a MBTA NO SPRAY policy. It summarizes the links of the herbicides in the new Vegetation Management Plans to cancer and other health hazards as well as soil and water contamination.

Marcia Cooper, president Green Decade/Newton, was one of the signers along with other environmental health and environmental justice advocacy groups. 

I hope Mayor Warren will also be interested to learn about the history of herbicide use on Newton's Rights of Way and commit to joining the local and statewide advocacy efforts to protect public health and the environment.

Please call me if you have any new information or have questions.  I look forward to your update.

Yours truly,

Ellie Goldberg
Don't Spray 'Em, Outsmart 'Em