Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stop the pesticide industry from stripping protections from our laws

Right now, behind closed doors in DC, pesticide industry lobbyists are maneuvering to strip critical pesticide protections from federal law. And they think nobody’s watching. Please join us in telling Congress that quietly exempting pesticides from our nation’s strongest environmental laws is unacceptable.

We cannot let the pesticide lobby get away with their maneuverings to exempt pesticides from the Clean Water Act. The Endangered Species Act may be next.

Your action today will be a part of something bigger – a national groundswell of support for stronger protections based on better, independent science. PAN, the Center for Biological Diversity and 130+ allied groups have sent a letter to EPA letting them know that we want more — not less — protection from pesticides. The citizen groups on this letter (PDF) represent millions of members from across the country.