Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updates about 2010 Herbicide Application

Update from Michael McClean,
Pesticide Bureau as of 4/13/2011

CSX Railroad
20’ spray pattern (10’ off center of track)
Application Rate: 30 gallons of mixture/acre
2.42 acres/mile
7 miles of track in Newton

Pesticides applied on ballast (tracks):
Razor Pro – 2quarts of concentrate/30 gallons
Oust XP – 4 ounces of concentrate/30 gallons
Escort – 2 ounces of concentrate/ 30 gallons

Total usage of pesticides concentrates in Newton:
Razor Pro – 33.9 quarts or 4.84 quarts/mile
Oust XP – 67.9 ounces or 9.7 ounces/mile
Escort – 33.9 ounces or 4.84 ounces/mile

Mass Pike

1’-3’ spray pattern to shoulder and medians
Application Rate: average 3.21 gallons of mixture/mile
10.4 miles of treated in Newton (5.2 east bound, 5.2 west bound)

Pesticides applied on Mass Pike:
Accord Concentrate- 2.5 gallons of concentrate/100 gallons
Oust- 2 ounces of concentrate/100 gallons

Total usage of pesticide concentrates in Newton:
Accord Concentrate – 0.835 gallons or 0.080 gallons/mile
Oust – 0.668 ounces or 0.064 ounces /mile

Updates as of 4/20/2011 regarding pesticide applications 2010.
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"I am waiting on a couple of other piece of info to calculate the use in Newton for MBTA and DCR." MMcClean.

"I am still hoping to obtain the information in a simple format that shows what, where and when." Ellie